Contraceptive Pills – Everything A Woman Needs to Know 

Birth control is becoming common these days because family planning is now more important than ever. There are several types of birth control methods or contraceptives. However, the type of birth control one chooses is their personal choice. Among these, oral contraceptives or birth control pills are a popular choice. So, here is everything one needs to know about contraceptive pills.

Types of contraceptive pills 

There are two types of birth control pills. These are:

  1. Combination pills – a synthetic/ man-made combination of progestin and estrogen
  2. Progestin-only pills- contain progestin only as the name suggests

Choosing the right pills 

One should always consult a doctor while picking the right type of contraceptive pills for themselves. There are a few factors to consider as well, which are listed below.

  • The menstrual cycle
  • Breastfeeding
  • Chronic diseases, if any
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Other ongoing medications, if any

The working mechanism of birth control pills 

There are two working mechanisms for contraceptive pills. First, these pills prevent ovulation meaning the ovaries won’t release the egg for that month. Second, these may thicken the cervical mucus stopping the sperm from reaching the egg in the uterus. These are the two ways for the combination pills.

In the case of progestin-only pills, they thicken the cervical mucus while thinning the endometrium. It makes it difficult for the egg to be planted in the uterus lining. Hence, the pregnancy will have slim chances to grow.

Many women are skeptical about using birth control methods. But, these are better than unwanted pregnancies that lead to several complications. Oral contraceptives are a safe way to avoid all that.